B r o n w y n !

BRONWYN RUCKER...Actor...Singer...Playwright...Painter...Recording Artist...Cabaret Star..!

Bronwyn has authored many plays and theatrical pieces.   

The Story of Princess Isabella and the Prince of San Francisco

Bronwyn wrote this 15 minute play based on her work with an after-school group of 5 to 7 year old ADHD children at the 92nd Street Y.  The girls are very precocious and want to kiss the boys – one child in particular.  All are hip to environmental issues.  King Chicago and the King and Queen of Great Britain disagree on pollution methods, but their children fall in love and, at the play’s end, are married by Preacher Johnson. The Kings resolve to save the planet through recycling and waste reduction.


TeenScenes: Theatre Peer Educator Training Project on Relationship Violence and Racism (1994)

14 Acting Scenes on teen dating violence and racism, designed to be presented by teens to other teens with talking points for discussion. The introduction addresses the topic of teen dating violence with factual information including early warning signs.  Bronwyn received an award from the NYC Comptroller’s Office for her anti-violence theater work, as well as a Stop The Violence award from the Mayor’s office.


TeenScenes: Art as Social Action Guide (2002)

Includes the play Peace An Action, the story of young people and their families as they cope with gang violence.  This work evolved over many years of Bronwyn’s working with youth throughout New York City in improvisational acting scenes about gang and family violence.  Acting scenes on acculturation, peer pressure, parenting, substance abuse and gun violence are also included in this collection.  Acting scene talking points for teens and families are included as guide for teachers and community workers.


The Angela Plays

Two-act play:  The story of a young woman’s nervous breakdown among roommates in an Upper West Side apartment. (90 minutes)


The Brooklyn Boys

Two-act play:  A day in the life of a Brooklyn bar and the young men and women who are the regulars. (90 minutes)


Subway Named Desire

A comic one-woman show with song exploring the selves within the self. (75 minutes)


Radon Daughters

Two-act play:  A backstage drama of a women’s pop group.  Original songs and monologues addressing the artistic feminist revolution. (90 minutes)


Survival NYC

One-act play:  Residents of a lower Manhattan drop-in center for the mentally ill and fragile homeless cope with the trauma of 911 by telling their experiences through public performance. (40 minutes)


Hope An Action

One-act play: Senior citizens at a homeless drop-in center discuss their lives and beliefs as they confront homelessness with advocacy.  The play also includes selections from King Lear speeches juxtaposed against the reality of the story of life in the basement drop-in which each character delivers. (50 minutes).


Voices of the Armory

Two-act play: The story of women shelter residents of the Park Slope Armory and their efforts to add their voice to the NIMBY community crisis surrounding the shelter. (120 minutes).


Peace An Action

Two-act play:  A story of three families after a young man is shot by rival gang. Over the next year the effect of that violence continues through relationships of the other gang members and their families. (90 minutes). 


White Lady Journals

Diary writings of an avant garde radical social worker artist from 1993 to 2006. These writings record Bronwyn’s travails in “social service arts” throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, with occasional out-of-state forays.  This work includes Bronwyn’s struggle in confronting and working with racism, the artistic process and social service in community arts programs.

Please direct inquiries regarding availability of these works for performance to downmelt@aol.com.  

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